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    We can travel too!

    Because everyone can travel, even with a physical disability or illness!

    WeTravel2 offers you the perfect solution for the holiday of your dreams.

“Travel Without Limits”

Would you love to travel with your family, friends or children to a refined, exotic or adventurous destination, but your options are limited due to your physical or medical requirements?

WeTravel2 offers you the perfect solution.

Even if you have a temporary or permanent physical or medical disability, we’ll make sure you enjoy a carefree trip to your choice of evocative destinations. Contact us today to start planning the vacation of your dreams!


Our services

As a specialized tour operator we organize your holiday from A to Z!

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Comfortable flights

We make reservation for flights all over the world, the transport of your wheelchair, medical luggage and assistance at the airport.

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Up-to-date information

We inform, advise and sensitize travellers as well as the entire tourism industry.

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Accessible hotels

Accessibility, comfort, location and atmosphere are the ultimate criteria for the selection of our accommodations.

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Smooth transfers

We provide smooth private transfers with adapted transport and additional assistance if needed.

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Do you need a wheelchair or other body-supporting tools during your stay? WeTravel2 offers equipment to measure at any destination. If you need any form of medical assistance or guidance during your travels, we can also arrange this for you.

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Customized tours

For each destination, we offer universally-accessible excursions tailored to your personal needs.